What is Astrology?


is a study of how the energies of the Sun, Moon and Planets affect our daily lives. Astrology grew and prospered out of the ancient worlds of Babylon, Judea and Egypt. Today with computers and advances in scientific technology, it is now possible to compile complex data and new sources of knowledge with greater accuracy thus making astrology more accessible to all.

Astrological Birth Charts (Natal Charts)

consider the position of the Sun, Moon and Planets at the time of your birth. Your chart is calculated from the time, day, month, year and place of your birth. Your chart is your personality profile.

Astrological Year Ahead Horoscopes

consider how the planet’s current movements affect their positions at your birth. The planetary influences are similar to the weather conditions of life. Year Ahead Projections describe the life cycles you are continually experiencing. Astrology can serve as a road map throughout your life.